On the Road Again: Harlowton

I’ve already painted Harlow but it was great to go back and get to know it a little better. After the demo and a quick one at Stockman's we ended up at Gally’s Brewery which the owner and his fiancé opened about a year ago having moved back after leaving a financial career in Billings, (it was nice to see it so busy on a Tuesday night) and then went to dinner and breakfast at Cafe Loco where everything is fresh and where we had a nice chat with Kylie who also just moved back a year ago, the people are very nice here.

There are only 2 motels in Harlow, and everyone asked us where we were staying, they seemed relieved, so we must have chosen the right one, but honestly I can't imagine what the other one must be like. The Graves Hotel is being renovated so I think there may be some competition when it opens.

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